The Cylar Experience?

We at Cylar Consulting understand that in this ever-changing, global economy, intense competition requires us to not only do what we do well, but to also distinuguish ourselves in the process. So, what makes us different from other consultants? What is the “Cylar Experience”? We derive our uniqueness from the keen understanding that you are a person first and a client second. We believe the fundamental stage in the consulting process is the consultation. With that belief in mind, we not only meet with you to appraise your needs, but we attempt to put ourselves in your place to even better understand those needs. We may be providing a service, but we, by no means, claim to have all the answers, meaning that we will be working closely with you every step of the way, rather than just dictating a soluton to you. We have the expertise, but you have the perspective, and it is our job to merge the two together with the utmost care and sensitivity.  The “Cylar Experience” is a very personal one with which you will be more than satisfied because you will have worked with individuals who will value your opinions, respect your time, emphasize integrity, and demand perfection.