Multimedia & Publications

You know what you know, but sometimes, you just don’t know how to say it. When such times come, count on us at Cylar Consulting to help say it for you. We provide an array of communications services, including letter writing, copy editing, technical writing (manuals, standardized work instructions, etc.), presentation preparation (speech and slide creation), and simple logo and business-card design. We can also meet your needs from a multimedia standpoint, with basic web design and creation of highlight videos that help brand your business or personal profile. Additionally, with a high degree of proficiency using such social media tools as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and personal blogging sites, we can improve your visibility and enhance your interaction with clients and partners by both developing and managing a package of profile pages on a number of platforms across the web. We even produce full-length, professional picture videos to be shown at wedding receptions.

Ministry Enhancement

Business and ministry, on the surface, appear to be wholly separate entities, but a closer, more informed look into the dynamics between the human and administrative elements of non-profit management, it is clear to see that these entities are intimately intertwined. A common sentiment of spiritual leaders is that the time spent with the administrative side of ministry often detracts from its spiritual aspect. With our adminstrative and finance backgrounds, we are here to change that by relieving you of those duties, freeing you up to focus on the other aspects of your ministry. In addition to providing behind-the-scenes tasks, we also have the expertise and spiritual background necessary to assist you in any facet of ministry. We have years of valuable experience with preaching and teaching, curriculum development, ministerial training, ministry development, web and media ministry formation and management, marketing, and community outreach in both large and small ministries of various denominations, and the tools and principles we have gained from these valuable experiences will help you reach your goals.

Personal & Professional Development

When you meet with us, we seek to establish a healthy working relationship with you that goes beyond the surface. This allows us to tailor a strategy that best communicates to others who you are and what you bring to the table. We will use our years of experience balancing markedly different corporate and ministerial positions and responsibilities to help mold and refine your professional image. We also provide professional services on an organizational level, as we utilize our accounting and administrative expertise to maximize workplace efficiency and cut costs. Working with us can therefore assist you on both ends of the spectrum, helping you become more customer-friendly and fiscally responsible.

Tutoring & Academic Advising

In this information-based society, education is the key that unlocks the door to both present and future success and prosperity. We at Cylar Consulting are here to help you reach your goals by navigating with you through the educational process, helping you or your child explore options for college preparation, continuing education, and career placement. We also provide additonal services for youth, providing tutoring in all subjects and standardized test preparation for students of all ages.